Michael Dean Russell Jr




Michael started making movies as a teenager with those big VHS home video cameras with his neighborhood friends. They would reenact scenes from Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars to Cocktail, showing his extreme interest in acting and filmmaking at an early age. Despite being very shy in elementary school and glued to the TV watching his favorites of Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplain, The Three Stooges, and any Warner Brothers cartoons, especially Bugs Bunny, Michael's mom encouraged him to act in local school plays to help him open up to others, since he use to hide under his high chair when someone would ring the doorbell at his home. Although Michael was never a child nor teenage star, Michael didn't land his first real TV role until he was serving in the US military at the age of 32 in Miami, FL. After being cut out of this role, 'Aquaman', Michael then landed a movie role as a father on the beach with Harland Williams in the sequel to an old 1980s comedy hit, 'Bachelor Party', starring Tom Hanks. Following these great experiences and opportunities, Michael received orders to serve overseas and had to take a break from acting to serve his country and family.


The Circle (2017)
as Laundry Worker (as Michael Deadman)